Zoom Marriage: Couple goes Viral after holding traditional wedding online (video)

A heartwarming love story has recently emerged, showcasing the power of technology and creativity in overcoming distance and circumstances. The story is centered around a couple, Elison and Naa Ayorkor, who were determined to get married, but struggled with postponements and logistical challenges that threatened to dampen their plans.

watch video below:

Despite the obstacles, an event organizer, who was determined to help the couple, came up with a unique and innovative solution. Madmappers_gh, an event planning company, orchestrated a traditional wedding for the couple through the video conferencing platform, Zoom.

The event organizer shared the details of the couple’s journey, expressing their gratitude to all the vendors who made the Zoom wedding possible. In a statement, the organizer said, “A love story I would like to share, first, I want to thank @madmappers_gh for bringing this event to reality for my sweet Ayorkor. The couple set a date for their Traditional Marriage, but due to some circumstances, they kept postponing it and all hope was getting lost for my gal.”

As an experienced planner, the organizer recognized the importance of finding a solution for the couple’s challenges. After a long discussion with the groom over Zoom, the idea of a “Zoom Marriage” was born. The organizer continued, “As a planner, I needed to come up with something for the couple. Miss Ayorkor called one afternoon and said she wants to meet me for a meeting. We went and after a long talk with the groom on a Zoom meeting, I came up with a ‘Zoom Marriage,’ weird it was huh? We made it happen. Thank you to all the vendors that made it happen. We can’t thank you all enough.”

The Zoom wedding was a success, with the man projected on a large screen, while his bride was seen via his laptop, both dressed in their traditional wedding attire. The couple was finally able to share their special day, despite the distance between them.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the resilience of love and the power of technology to bring people together, even in challenging circumstances. It highlights the importance of creativity, innovation, and perseverance in overcoming obstacles and realizing our dreams.

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