You’re cursed if you break a lady’s virginity and refuse to marry her — Ajagurajah to men

Founder and leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah widely known as Ajagurajah has revealed that virgins are God’s favorite and should not be hurt.

The outspoken man of God cautioned men not to forsake virgins after sleeping or having a child with them.

A de-flowered virgin’s hymen blood frequently mixes with a man’s semen to establish a covenant.

“Marry any virgin whose virginity you shattered. It is a divine rule. Virgins are God’s favorite. Their prayers are heard the most. A virgin who refuses to marry is cursed. A blood covenant is formed when you carry a kid with a virgin. You bled when you shattered her hymen, and your semen is blood, so the two combined. That’s why most marriages fail,” he said in an interview.

Ajagurajah went on to advise men not to entertain virgins if they do not want to marry one.

“If you meet a girl and you realize she is a virgin, move far away from her,” he said.