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You’re are mad if you believe in Jesus but don’t respect noise-making ban by Ga Council — A Plus

Controversial social media commentator, Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as Kwame A Plus has slammed persons attacking the Ga Traditional Taskforce enforcing the one-month ban imposed on noise making.

During the weekend, taskforce enforcing the ban stormed the premises of some churches and seized their instruments for flouting the directive of the traditional council.

However, a lot of people kicked against the action of the task force with a section describing it as unconstitutional and violating the rights of the churches.

Reacting to this, Kwame A Plus descended heavily on Christians for believing in the practice of Christianity but speaking against traditional beliefs.

He wrote;

If you believes that a virgin gave birth to a son who walked on water, brought the dead back to life, and even resurrected after he was crucified, but do not believe in the observation of a month long ban on drumming and noise making, a customs and tradition of the Ga people; a period where they fasts and prays for rainfall, a bountiful harvest, good tidings, continuous peace and tranquility for the country and for the good neighborliness among the citizens, especially between the Gas and others living together in the Ga state, you are mad!!!

Before the white man came to enslave you with “Jesus is the way… no one goes to the father except through him”, our ancestors knew the way to God!! 🙄 Our ancestors prayed to God through their gods. They never prayed to satan!! What koraa is Satan? The Ga people pray to the same God you pray to in church. Just as Muslims ☪️ don’t pray to God through Jesus and the Buddhist ☸️ don’t pray to God through Jesus – traditionalist do not pray to God through Jesus. We pray to God through our gods. Our gods are our angels. Christians believe in angel Michael, “Chalabims, Salafim Ayantafrem, Nimikafui” and all them malafakas!! We believe in Kwaku Menyi, Pankye Otu, Antoa, Nogokpo etc!!!

Think oooo black man!! Think!!!

#KwamePutin #halfmanhalfbosom

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