You’re an ashawo if you ask for money from your boyfriend – Lady

A young beautiful woman has stormed social media to drop her definition of the popular term ‘ashawo’.

According to the Nigerian lady, any woman who asks for money from her boyfriend can be classified as ‘ashawo’.

She stressed that most ladies feel entitled to their boyfriend’s money and that’s why they want to date financially stable men and not struggling young men who are trying to get out of the trenches.

In a video sighted online, the lady said she cannot fathom why some ladies expect to derive sexual pleasure from a man and also collect money from them after the enjoyment.



In the latter part of the video, the woman insisted that in this age and time, a woman who hopes to depend on a man 100% for her finances is nothing but an ashawo and should find her way to Italy where she can be paid for such services.

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