You're always chopping me

You’re always chopping me but I don’t get wet, wife tells husband in a viral video.

A video that is quickly going viral on social media and seen by shows a woman running away from her husband after claiming she never got an orgasm when they have a good time together.

In the video, the lady can be seen running away from her husband, who was in the mood for a taste of the forbidden fruit, which his wife declined because she is never satisfied when they do the do.

I guess she need to a doctor or a psychologist if she is really interested in correcting her inability to get wet.

The lady who was disturbed by the husband’s inability to satisfy her and make her have an orgasm stated in the local language that there will be no more rounds of s3x if the man does not find a way to make her have an orgasm.

Have a look at the video below

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