Your pɛn!s is too small, I can’t continue this marriage – Wife divorces husband

A Ghanaian married woman is seeking a divorce from her husband over his inability to satisfy her in bed. The woman identified as Mansah claimed that her husband’s manhood is too small and also suffers from premature ejaculation.

According to Mansah, her husband is a hardworking man who has built a house for her and their kids but his small-sized manhood and early ejaculation is ruining their marriage.

She is not happy in their marriage as a result of her husband’s inability to satisfy her in bed hence her decision to collapse their beautiful marriage.

Unlike her ex-lover whom she dated for 6 years but didn’t marry her, he had a fat and long ‘banana’ that filled her entire vajayjay anytime they had intercourse and fully satisfied her in the process.

Watch the video below;

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