Your d!ck is too big, I can’t marry you — Lady boldly tells boyfriend [WATCH]

A young beautiful Ghanaian says she is no more interested in a man who is set to marry her in the next few weeks because of the size of his manh00d.

The lady speaking on Kumasi-based Akoma FM revealed how her supposed husband to be ch0pped her during their courtship period which made her cancel their marriage.

According to the lady, she has dated the young man for 8 months now and has decided to marry him so she allowed him to taste the ‘forbidden fruit’ before the marriage.

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She slept with him on three occasions but on the third account, she failed to endure the huge “anaconda” between his two legs.

Therefore, she can imagine the unbearable love life of marrying the man if things go as planned, so she runs to the radio station to make it known to the family why she can’t marry their son as no one was ready to lend her an ear about her plea.

Watch the video below: