Youngmen storm High Court

Youngmen storm High Court over ruling on bribery allegations against a powerful businessman.

A group of people claiming to be Thom Mpinganjira’s friends have stormed the High Court in Blantyre’s commercial capital to express solidarity with Mpinganjira as the court prepares to rule on the judges’ bribery case.

Thom the filthy-rich business tycoon was arrested in January 2020 and is accused of attempting to bribe five judges of the High Court of Malawi sitting as a Constitutional Court, who presided over the presidential election nullification case.

In April this year, High Court Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle found business mogul Thomson Mpinganjira with a case to answer in his alleged judges bribery case.

The disgruntled people are wearing t-shirts with Thom Mpinganjira’s face on them, and some are carrying placards with words like “Mpinganjira Sali Yekha” and were met with the heavy police security at the high court.

According to available information, High Court Judge Dorothy De Gabrielle is scheduled to deliver her decision on the case at 10 a.m.

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