Youngman dating a 50 year old woman

Youngman dating a 50 year old lady reveals how he chased her for long before she finally decided to date him.

A young man named Monwabisi, who is dating an elderly woman, told the Daily Sun that he did not give up after his 50-year-old girlfriend chased him away.

Although the woman looks old enough to be his ancestor, he says he found the best love he has ever gotten in her.

When he approached me to ask for a relationship. He revealed that they had been dating for over 5 years.

They began dating when Monwabisi was 37 years old; he is now 43. Moneabisi stated that it was never easy for him to win Sandy’s love because she always gave him a run for his money.

Sandy has three children age 33years, 18years and 12. While Monwabisi has a 15year old daughter.

“She used to chase me away when I went to her house,” he explained. Sandy spent his money on what he saw in her rather than dating girls his age. Monwabisi was a firm believer in the power of love to overcome all obstacles.

“I will start saving as soon as I get a job so that I can marry her he said”.

Meanwhile,the military in Guinea after capturing President Alpha Condé and dissolving his government has also arrested all his ministers.

The soldiers are asking the ministers to account to them how they used the State’s resources.

Ministers and other government officials have been arrested and summoned by the military demanding accountability.

However, the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) has asked Guinean soldiers to respect the physical safety of the President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé, and his immediate and unconditional release, as well as that of all arrested persons. ECOWAS also demands a return to constitutional order on pain of sanctions.

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