You’ll be a f00l to return to Agradaa, she can k!ll and hide you under her bed — Ogyam advises Agradaa’s husband

Ogyam has sent a piece of advice to Mr. Oduro Koranteng the husband of former fetish priestess Nana Agradaa.

According to Ogyam, Agradaa’s husband should quit their marriage.

In a video sighted online, Ogyam cautioned Mr. Koranteng to flee from their marriage permanently because Agradaa is wicked and can murder him.

He asserted that Agradaa do not mind k!illing her husband and hiding the body under her bed.

Ogyam went hard and said Mr. Oduro Koranteng will be a big fool to return to Agradaa after she set him up for insults on social media.

Agradaa’s husband returned to his matrimonial home on Sunday for the Father’s Day celebration.

Watch the video below