You will marry ‘Mami Wata’ herself if you’re not prayerful – Kumchacha warns pastors

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has reacted to videos of a pastor and wife who went viral on social media after videos of them dancing half-n@ked popped online.

According to the founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, pastors must be prayerful when it comes to the selection of a life partner.

Kumchacha stressed that the devil sometimes uses wives of pastors to destroy them hence the need for them to pray fervently when it comes to the choice of spouse.

“The downfall of most pastors came from their spouses. The devil is called the clever deceiver, if he tempts you and he doesn’t succeed he will try you through your wife. So if you don’t take time and you are not prayerful you will end up in the devil’s trap. You might end up with the kind of woman Sampson married. The devil will bring her into your life to disgrace you and destroy your vision.

“We have a lot of pastors whose downfall came from their wives. Men are thought to bottle up their pains so a lot of them are unable to voice out. If you are going to marry and you are not prayerful, you’ll end up marrying the devil proper, Mami Wata,” he stated during an interview with Mama Radio.


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