You will d!e from accident if you talk about me – Osofo Kyiri Abosom

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Christian Kwabena Andrews popularly known as Osofo Kyiriabosom says people criticizing and hurling insults at him for cheating on his wife have a short life span and may die from accidents and unknown illnesses.

The founder of Ghana Union Movement (GUM) made headlines a few weeks ago after he publicly announced that the marriage between him and his wife has collapsed.

This compelled a lot of Ghanaians to react with a section insulting and tagging him ‘f00lish’ for having extramarital affairs which to their divorce.

The renowned man of God speaking on SayIt TV said those who chastised him have a short life span and may die early.

“There are people on social media who haven’t achieved anything in their lives but utter foolish words. Stupid people. Look, if you follow what I do, you will die. If you also try to talk about issues surrounding me, your life span is short.

“You will either die from accidents or an ailment with a cure, and what will happen to you will surprise you,” he said.

Furthermore, he noted that he would strike at the right time, since he has been monitoring a lot of people on social media, and when he is finished, he will deal with them all.

However, he did not state how he planned to accomplish this, either through the law or by taking matters into his own hands.

“Do you think it’s everyone we talk ill about? You continue doing that. I am looking at you quickly. That’s the song I’ve dedicated to you. Who am I? I’m from far away, and I live in the village. God has brought me here to save people’s children.

“Whatever you want to say, you can go ahead and say it. It’s waiting for you, and I will strike at the right time. I am monitoring a lot of people, and after I am done monitoring you. I will deal with you all,” he said.