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Gospel musician Joyce Blessing was recently reported in the news to be facing marital crisis and was seen arguing in public with her in-laws over custody of her children.  As followed up with the given information, it was updated that the musician was able to gain custody of her children. 

It was later reported by Joyce blessing in an interview with Okay Fm that her husband Dave Joy was the one managing her as an artist and also managing all her social media accounts but is in negotiation with the husband to hand over her social media pages to her so that she will be able to update her followers. 

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On June 17, 2020, Joyce in an interview with Neat Fm’s program, hosted by Ola Micheal stated, she reported her publicist Julie Jay and her husband had changed passwords to her social media pages without her knowledge. Due to that, she can no longer access her social media pages. 

She also added, after she had given them a written statement of no longer working under Dave Joy Productions, the husband gave directions to their Youtube publisher, Spice Africa, not to handle any accounts of the musician. 

Dave Joy explains Joyce is not following the right protocol under the contract and if she would like to part away from the record label , they have to sit and discuss it. When asked if they have a contract, Dave said they do not have a written contract for Joyce as the wife. But they have a management team aside from the label, so they need to sit and resolve issues with the workers, especially those that invested in the production. Due to such, if Joyce is out from Dave Joy, she needs to do some settlements. 

According to Dave, when the situation was addressed to Joyce, she said she will call them back on the issues and they have not  yet heard from Joyce. 

Closing the argument, Joyce has now created a new Youtube channel and is bringing a new song even as she is going through a marriage crisis. But she said in the interview, even though she has created a new Youtube account, anytime she publishes a post, the husband reports the post and she has messages to confirm her statement. 

It is not yet announced if their divorce is finalised .