Founder and General Overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie says every Ghanaian who loves the future and prosperity of Ghana must be worried.

The renowned man of God took to his official Facebook page to cry out over how over 50 police personnel surrounded his church premises during the 31st night service.

According to him, the Christian Council and other concerned Christian bodies must be worried to the core.

His comments come after the Ghana Police Service issued a statement prior to the 31st watch night service preventing pastors from giving threats prophecies.

In a lengthy Facebook post he wrote:

You must be worried if you are a Christian in today’s Ghana,you must be worried if you love the future and prosperity of Ghana.Christian Council MUST BE WORRIED,OTHER CONCERNED CHRISTIAN BODIES MUST BE WORRIED TO THE CORE because the presence of About 50 to 60 Police men and women in uniform that came to surround my church premises during the 31st RESTORATION NIGHT OF SALVATION AND PROPHCIES WERE NEEDLESS…..Again,I say NEEDLESS!!!This is CHURCH…..FREEDOM OF WORSHIP MUST BE RESPECTED DIVORCE OF ANY INTIMIDATION….I think most of the officers will give themselves to Christ Jesus because I was inspired to give some of them…”SPOT ON PROPHCIES!THE PROPHETIC IS NOT GICMICK, THE PROPHETIC IS REAL AND NEEDFUL ,EVERYBODY NEEDS PRAYER,EVERBODY NEEDS THE PROPHETIC, DONT FIGHT PRAYER AGENTS,DONT FIGHT OR SET DELIBERATE TRAP FOR PROPHETS*…..NOBODY SHOULD MAKE THE CHURCH OR PROPHETIC THEIR ENEMY…….!!!GROWTH ,2022!!!….
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