You Idiot! – Andy Dosty “punches” Shatta Wale

Andy Dosty, a radio show host on Hitz FM, has angrily responded to a listener who requested that he promote and discuss Shatta Wale’s latest album ‘Maali’ on his show.

The incident occurred during a live broadcast, where the listener had texted in stating that the album was performing well but was not receiving enough attention.

Upon reading the message, Andy expressed fury towards the texter and Shatta Wale due to an incident in which the musician insulted his mother on stage. He made it clear that he had no intentions of promoting or discussing Shatta Wale’s album on his show, stating that he had no respect for people who insulted others, particularly mothers.

Andy reiterated his love and respect for his mother, emphasizing that he would not speak ill of anyone’s mother because he had been nurtured well. He criticized Shatta Wale’s behaviour of insulting people and called out those who did not respect him or his mother.

Andy’s visibly infuriated demeanor indicated that he was passionate about the issue, and he encouraged listeners to take it seriously.

He also criticized the trend of individuals who wanted to promote their material without respecting others, stating that his mother’s contributions to his life could not be ignored. Andy’s outburst highlighted the need for respect and civility, which he believed were essential components of a functional society.