You haven’t paid my rent and can never pay my rent — Mona Gucci replies Agradaa

Television show host, Mona Gucci has debunked Nana Agradaa’s claims that she once paid her house rent.

Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Tupac took to social media and revealed that Mona Gucci begged her for money to settle her house rent issues.

According to Nana Agradaa, Mona Gucci begged her to give her a whopping GHC 18,200 to pay her rent, and to buttress her claim, she shared audio of the conversation she had with Mona Gucci.

Nana Agradaa made this revelation after Mona Gucci allowed panelists on her show to criticize Agradaa while discussing recent issues concerning her.

Well, Mona Gucci has responded to all the allegations Nana Agradaa made against her.

In lengthy social media post, Mona wrote;

“gosch I hate doing this!!…my sweet—sweet mummy Agraada💕💕—I hear u are looking for me paaaa….awww mama I miss u too…pls don’t do any video again wai…! That audio was a content we planned together for ur church opening—to tell the world how good u are..pls don’t portray it in a different context just bcuz people bashed u on my show…u contacted me to help u thru BIG AKWESI..n I did dat genuinely….on a lighter note the world is waiting for a receipt…of u paying my rent….or any other evidence..wai bring it out..!! Cuz I still have receipt of the 1500ghc(fuel) u dashed me after creating the content.Meanwhile, I send love 💗 n light to u …May God heal u so soon..n pls don’t fight anyone again..let God fight for u…You haven’t paid my rent n u can never pay my rent…mama…am still waiting for u to come on my show wai..cuz u promised me that… @nanakwamegyangh @prophetkumchacha @maame_ng3g3_broskoto pls come help me na mabr3. 🤣🤣y’all saw the problem u give me?? Now my mummy disavows me from the church…”