You had no knowledge about presenting, Despite Media groomed you to become TV presenter – Abena Moet f!res McBrown for quitting UTV

Ghanaian actress cum TV presenter, Nana Ama McBrown is still making waves on the internet after quitting UTV to join Onua TV.

After reports went viral that the renowned Screen Goddess has joined Media General, some workers of Despite Media group have been blasting her for quitting a brand that groomed her to become a TV presenter.

Abena Moet speaking on OKAY FM claimed that Despite Media trained McBrown how to present on TV because she had no knowledge about presenting before joining the media firm.

Because as we all know, despite not having any prior knowledge about TV presenting and show hosting, Fadda Dickson and Despite still give her the chance to learn on the job.

In the middle of her sentiments, Abena Moet opined that Mcbrown might have quit UTV to join ONUA TV to free herself from the never-ending court cases.


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