“You can’t manage Lilwin if you’re spiritually weak” – Former manager reveals

Ex-manager of actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Busumuru Sean Kingston has revealed that persons who have no spiritual backup can not manage Lilwin.

Busumuru speaking in an interview disclosed that the actor cum musician is spiritually fortified.

According to the entertainment enthusiast, there are a lot of evil people in the showbiz industry hence one must be spiritually strong in order to remain relevant.

As claimed by Busumuru, a manager who is also not spiritually strong will be used as a scapegoat by the actor, actress or artist he or she manages foes.

He explained that a lot goes on behind the scenes and competitors use all forms of black power against each other just to remain on top.

Busumuru frankly spelt out that a person can never manage Lilwin if he or she is spiritually weak.

In his own words;

“You have to be strong spiritually to manage a Ghanaian artiste like Lilwin and other celebs. One thing is that anything can happen to you the manager if you are not strong“

“A lot of attacks do come as other people too are envious about your position as a manager so they plan a lot of evil things to make you fail so they can take over from you”

When Busumuru was quizzed by Ruthy, the host, about his experience managing Lilwin, he had this to say;

“If I am to manage any artiste in the future, I would have to prepare myself spiritually before I can take that position because of my past experiences with Lilwin. You can even die if you joke with your spirituality”