You book an artiste look-alike to perform songs he toiled to produce? – Edem fires

Ghanaian musician, Ayigbe Edem has broken silence on the celebrities’ look-alike trend in Ghana. In recent times, persons who share a striking resemblance with celebrities in Ghana have sprung up. They bear similarities to some Ghanaian celebrities that you might think they’re related to them.

Some celebrities have embraced their look-alikes whiles others have given them hard times.

A section of social media users has asked the real artists to issue a stern warning to their self-acclaimed look-alikes before things get out of hand.

Many stressed that these look-alikes cannot use the hard-earned image of celebrities for social media clout. From dressing like them to acting like them, these young men have been seen dancing or imitating the singers on numerous occasions.

Social media users have called for the end of this trend after some event organizers book these individuals to either perform or make appearances at their shows.

Reacting to the sudden trend, rapper Edem criticized how some stakeholders and bloggers contribute to the popularity of celebrities’ look-alikes.

“What a “COUNTRY” u book a look alike to Sing songs that someone toiled all their life to perfect as a craftsman and bloggers who posting for free are the same ppl who take money to promote those who worked hard demma products ..SMH,” he said in a Twitter post.