‘You are coward, you talk but cannot behave like a brave man’ – Nana Romeo chastises Great Ampong

Radio show host, Nana Romeo has fired some shots at veteran gospel singer Great Ampong.

Nana Romeo speaking on his show on Accra FM tagged the musician as a coward.

According to him, Great Ampong talks but can not behave like a brave man.

He also condemned some of the choices of words for his alleged diss song for Daddy Lumba.

To him, Great Ampong didn’t need to use sickness to mock someone.

He added that the well-known Gospel musician should have given his fight to God to fight for him.

Nana Romeo further stated that Ampong does not practice what he preaches—and wishes he will walk his talks.

His comment comes after Great Ampong’s u-turn over a supposed diss song for Daddy Lumba.

If you would recall, he told Agyemang Prempeh in an interview on Power FM that Lumba was not the target of his song ‘Onyame Akatua’.

Ampong and Lumba are having a long-time issue which is yet to be resolved. The former thinks Daddy Lumba dissed him in his ‘Ofon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo’ song.