‘Yes, I k!lled my mother to buy Benz’ – Guy confesses in a new video

'Yes, I k!lled my mother to buy Benz'

‘Yes, I k!lled my mother to buy Benz’, Guy confesses in a new video and encourages others to do same.

There has been a sudden rise in unexplained wealth among the citizens with many people also being murdered for the financial gains of others.

In an Instagram video seen by adepanews.com, a young guy, whose identity is not known yet was seen next to a new Benz Car saying he sacrificed his mother to acquire it.

He further added that people who continue to despise him might do the same and become wealthy overnight.

The young man in the video also flaunted wads of cedi notes, boasting that they all belonged to him after he murdered his mother.

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Meanwhile, a Chinese man identified as ‘Soldier’ in Kwahu Apradang of Eastern Region has been arrested by Nkwakwa Divisional Police Command for allegedly sh00ting an 8-year-old boy named Kwasi Mireku.

According to reports, the unfortunate incident occurred on Wednesday when the little boy was playing with his friends.

The mother of the victim speaking to the media said she was working in the backyard of their house when she heard a gunshot and asked the children playing with his son to leave before they get hurt.

Subsequently, some of Mireku’s friends rushed and told her that her son had been shot.

“I asked my son what happened, and he told me he was going to pick water from the room, but when I confronted the Chinese, he said my son was rather going to his room,” she narrated.

Some irate residents decided to attack the Chinese national with a section claiming that he intentionally shot the little boy but the timely intervention of the police prevented the youth from attacking the suspect.

The victim is in critical condition and currently receiving treatment at Nkwakwa Government Hospital.

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