Xandy Kamel admits she lied about the dɛmisɛ of her 1st child

Actress Xandy Kamel has reacted to the accusations of causing the dɛ@th of her cousin’s son.

During the weekend, Xandy Kamel revealed in an interview on UTV that her first child d!ɛd a few days before her failed marriage. According to her, the boy had completed JHS and was waiting for his results.

After emotionally recounting how her son d!ɛd, a  man who seems to know more about Xandy and her family said the actress’ claim that her first child diɛd a few days before the coll@pse of her marriage is false.

According to the anonymous man, Xandy has never given birth and has lost no child. In a viral audio, he explained that the actress was taking care of her cousin’s child who was staying with her. The person claimed that Xandy maltreated the boy and eventually kicked him out of her house.

He debunked Xandy’s claim that the boy was preparing to attend SHS. The man revealed that the boy decided to start an electric business after completing JHS with the assistance of a cousin of hers.

Using the pretext of going to work, the boy leaves home and instead heads to the sea, where he dr0wned and d!ed. He accused Xandy of causing the dɛmisɛ of the boy.

Xandy has reacted to the claims in TikTok live session.

While speaking with her fans, the actress subtly confirmed that the boy in question was not her biological son as claimed by the insider. She indicated that she took the boy under her care because of the love she had for him.

But in the midst of the brouhaha, Xandy said she would not fight her critics who ride on negativity and fail to acknowledge her good deeds to humanity. Instead, she would rains cu.rsɛs at them for propagating falsehoods about her.

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