Written note found in room of deceased Police officer contains coded message

Photo of the female police officer k!lled by her boyfriend

Written note found in room of deceased police officer contains coded message which did not explain why she d!ed.

The police woman who was stabbed to death at Damango is believed to have died over a relationship with her lover.

According to reports, the jealous boyfriend who has been identified as Louis Asante had a fight with one Soldier he suspected to be having an affair with his girlfriend before he killed the lady in question.

It took the landlord of Sandra Asiedu to notice a stench from the room Sandra occupied before he drew the attention to the Police who came to meet Sandra dead.

She was stabbed with a kitchen knife which was lying next to her, and the alleged killer left a note on the wall written with a red pen stating ” We Love Together, We die Together”.

The message found on the note did not bear any name or details explaining her death.

Although we don’t know how of who was behind her death, the boyfriend has been said to be a major suspect.