WRESTLEGMANIA 36: Drew McIntyre Beats Defending Champion, Brock Lesnar To Become The WWE Champion

34-year-old Drew McIntyre achieved his dream of becoming the WWE Champion after a short but brutal match with former UFC king, Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36

McIntyre was knocked off balance from the beginning of the match as Lesnar began pounding him early.

He ate German Suplexes and two F-5s but managed to kick out.

The champ then hit a third F-5 and looked certain to claim the victory only for the Scotsman to kick out again.

Paul Heyman yelled encouragement to his man Lesnar from ringside, saying: “He’s good, he’s really good, hit him again! Keep doing it all night long! He can’t keep kicking out.”

Lesnar looked like he was having fun now as he picked up the challenger from the mat.

But suddenly McIntyre exploded into life and hit a Claymore Kick.

He then landed another as the Beast began to rock and finally he landed a third.

McIntyre went for the pin and the wounded Beast had no strength left to kick out, as McIntyre went on to win after the counts

His win makes the Scot the first British to become the WWE Champion

It caps a phenomenal journey for McIntyre and his rollercoaster career.

He was released from WWE back in June 2014 and even watched WrestleMania 31 in a nightclub back home in Glasgow.

But after rebuilding his reputation on the independent scene, he returned to WWE in 2017 as part of their NXT brand before moving back up to the main roster a year later.