“Worried” Ayisha Modi to donate her Liver to KiDi

Ghanaian socialite Ayisha Modi has expressed her willingness to donate her liver to musician Kidi if needed, causing concern among fans of the artist. The announcement comes in the wake of revelations made by a spiritualist about Kidi’s health, leading to speculation and worry about the state of the musician’s well-being.

In a cryptic message shared on social media, Modi posted a video of Kidi with the caption, “Dear @kidimusic I pray it not tru but if really it’s tru and you want a donor I could help if we compatible… This lyrics are scaring me… I pray and hope it’s just a lyrics and there is nothing more to it. This song we won’t sing along because the message it carries is heartbreaking and we as Ghanaians are not ready to accept this.”

Kidi’s fans have expressed concern about the musician’s health and the implications of Modi’s announcement. Kidi himself has not commented on the matter.

As the situation continues to develop, further updates are expected to shed more light on the matter and provide clarity for concerned fans.

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