World Oldest Man Cancels 112th Birthday Over Coronavirus

World Oldest Man cancels 112th birthday over coronavirus fears.

The world’s oldest man, Bob Weighton, who hails from Alton, Hampshire in England had to cancel his 112th birthday celebrations on Sunday.

The unfortunate decision had to be taken by the world’s oldest man as the coronavirus had hit many countries an England is no exception.

Social distancing, which is a major way to prevent the spread of the deadly virus was a factor.

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Mr.Bob Weighton was declared the world’s oldest man last month after the previous holder, Chitetsu Watanabe from Japan, died aged 112.

The world’s oldest man wrote

“Everything is cancelled, no visitors, no celebration,” he said.

“It’s a dead loss as far as celebration is concerned.”

“world is in a bit of a mess” at the moment and is concerned because “nobody knows what is going to happen”.

“In the Second World War you knew what you had to do, you might fail but the objectives were clear as Churchill rallied the country behind him, ‘We will fight on the beaches’, etc etc,” he said.

“We knew exactly what we had to do.

“That was an objective that you could possibly reach, but nobody knows how we are going to defeat the virus.”

He is a father-of-three and witnessed the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which killed between 50 and 100 million people at age 10.