World Cup 2022: PSG’s Mbappe and Hakimi reacts to France-Morocco semifinal game

PSG stars Kylian Mbappe and Ashraf Hakimi will both clash in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup when Morocco and France face off at the Al-Bayt Stadium on Wednesday.

The two players are looking forward to this game with an old video resurfacing on the internet.

In the Clip which was captured last May, Mbappe was heard in English indicating he hopes to pray against Morocco in the World Cup.

Mbappe spoke in English in this clip, saying: “From the stadium Education City (40,000 spectators), it’s great, I hope to play against Morocco in the World Cup.

He added, “We will play against Morocco, where I have to destroy my friend,”

to which Hakimi replies: “I will beat you.”

Mbappe smiled, then commented: “This will break my heart, but this is football… I have to kill him.”

The national teams of Morocco and France will meet next Wednesday at Al-Bayt Stadium, in the semi-finals of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Morocco qualified for the first time in its history for this role, after defeating Portugal in the quarter-finals with a goal without a response, while the French national team surpassed its English counterpart by 2-1.