Veteran actor Bob Smith widely known as Diabolo has revealed how his role as a snake-turning man in the popular movie dubbed ‘Diabolo’ affected her life especially when it comes to relationships.

Mr. Smith recounted the difficulty he went through in securing a life partner after starring in the movie.

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According to him, all the ladies he approached after the movie turned down his proposal out of fear that he might turn into a snake.

“Hammer, you know I had it difficult getting a woman into a relationship with and marrying. All the ones I proposed to rejected me because they thought maybe, I will turn into a snake in the future.”

He is currently married and according to him, he was ‘lucky’ because the woman he is married to never watched the movie at that time.

He said; “The one that I’m married to never watched the Diabolo movie by then so I was lucky. It was later in our marriage that she watched and asked me why I would act that role but you know, we were already married so there was nothing she could do”.

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