Woman shares heartbreaking story of being Infected with HIV by Husband “chops” with Her Father

A young woman’s harrowing account of discovering she had contracted HIV from her husband, who was having a romantic relationship with her biological father, has gained attention on social media.

The woman, who was only 19 when she got married to a 36-year-old man, shared her story in a video that has since gone viral, hoping to raise awareness and help others who may have been used and abused by men.

“I got married at 19 to a man that was 36. Found out he was gay and gave me HIV. I found out pregnant with my daughter,” the woman said in the video, which was accompanied by text describing her ordeal.

The woman, whose name has not been disclosed, said she was trying to find herself by helping others who have faced similar experiences.

“I’ve been trying to find myself and by helping other people who has been used and abused by men. I found out my husband and real father was messing around while we was married,” she said.

The video has sparked a strong reaction on social media, with many expressing sympathy and support for the woman and condemning the behavior of her husband and father. The woman has not provided any further details about her situation or how she is coping with her diagnosis.

The woman’s story underscores the importance of safe sex practices and the need for education and awareness around issues related to sexual health and consent. It also highlights the ongoing struggle faced by many people in coming to terms with their own sexuality and finding acceptance within their families and communities.

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