Woman jailed for secretly reading husband’s phone chats late at night

A married woman in the United Arabs Emirates has been jailed three months after her husband sued her.

Reports indicate that the husband sued her for secretly looking through his phone chats without his permission

In a statement made against his wife, the husband claimed that she would access his phone chats while he was asleep, copying all the data, including pictures and chat conversations to her smartphone so she could look through all the information at a later date.


The Court in Ras Al Khaimah found her guilty of violating the UAE’s strict privacy law, which states that married are forbidden from accessing each other’s phones without permission.

According to the wife, she suspected her husband was having extramarital affairs with other women.


In other news, Members of Parliament(MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has asked members of the majority trying their best to hold the government from passing the e-levy to put a stop to it.

The implementation of the electronic levy (E-levy) has come to a halt and it is revealed that the NPP government is finding it difficult in whipping their members in to ensure that they get numbers to support the e-levy.

It was reported earlier that the lawmaker for Dome Kwabenya Hon. Adwoa Safo had requested she made Deputy Majority Leader before she will fly back to Ghana and vote on the e-levy.

According to her, there should be gender equality in the Majority Leadership in Parliament and until her wish is granted, she is not supporting the NPP to pass the e-levy.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong speaking in an interview has lashed out at some of his colleagues who are looking at their parochial interest over that of the party that brought them to the House.

He added that all the Majority Members should come together and support the party to achieve its objective instead of their personal interest.

“Stop the sabotage, you people should stop that thing that you have to get positions before. Please if you don’t attend Parliamentary proceedings for 15 days without permission you can be sacked from the august house. All those who have traveled and don’t want to come and are holding the party’s ball, we need to organize by-election for you people. If you don’t want the party leave it. If you don’t want to be an MP anymore leave, no one came to beg you to be an MP. We are sick and tired of your bogus attitudes,” he said.