Woman cries and rolls on the floor after receiving a phone from her son [WATCH]

A video making waves on the internet captures beautiful moment a woman rolls on the floor after receiving a phone as a surprise gift from her son.

The fast trending video sees the woman filled with excitement after the son gave her the brand new Android phone.

In the video, the woman could be seen unboxing the present and after discovering it was a phone scream and roll on the floor full of joy.

Watch the video below;


In other news, a video circulating online shows a big snake a student unknowingly shared her bed with during the night.

The viral video captures the huge snake lying in the student’s bed quietly.

The student and her colleagues scream as they film the snake she spent the night with in her room.

A caption of the video reads: “A student saw this snake on her bed in the early hours of today and she was resting her hand on top of the snake. The snake is said to be the God’s of Amai a place in delta state. This happened in Novena university.”