Woman Chops Husband Body Into Pieces

 A 40-year-old woman reported killing her husband after he continuously accuses her of infidelity. 

The police report indicates that a woman identified as Sunita’s son who is also identified as Prashant Jadon was drunk and threatened to kill his friend. Stating to him that, after killing him no one will find a trace of his dead body just like his mother killed his father 20 days ago. One of the friends informed the police about it leading police to follow up with the news and detained  Sunita and interrogated her. 

No description available.

Through the interrogation, Sunita confessed that she was able to kill the husband with the help of her two friends called Rizwan Khan and Bhaiyu. From the report of the police, the woman did not regret killing the husband for she says he was continuously accusing her of infidelity. Hindustan Times reported

According to Hindustantimes, from the report of the police, Sunita stated she mixed poison in her husband’s food and after eating the food he lost consciousness. With the help of her two friends who had a meat shop chopped the husband’s body into five pieces. It was revealed the son saw the act of the mother and her friend but did not report to the police, instead assisted his mother in the act. 

Some of the body parts were thrown in a forest and the other parts were buried. 

After confession, police arrested Sunita and her son Prashant on the grounds of murder. Police stated to the news that the two friends of the woman, Rizwan and Bhaiyu are on the run. 

This story took place in India on February 5, 2022. 


Source: adepanews.com