25-year-old woman has been charged with murder in Sokolivka, Ukraine after beating her 5-year-old son to death for  misbehaving and making a mess in their home.

The Ukrainian native identified as Elena reportedly assaulted her son, Artem by slamming his head against the floor until he ceased breathing.

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According to a report, the woman was later found carrying the lifeless body of her son in her arms outside her home.

Vira Asaulenko, the mayor of the village, commented on the incident and told local media:

“We came to check on the family after the kids did not come to the kindergarten and school.

“We saw the mother in the courtyard of her house.

She was holding Artem in her arms. The boy was wrapped into a blanket.

“I touched his hand. It was icy cold.

“Diana was sitting on the ground. She did not say a word and was staring into nothingness without blinking.”

Paramedics confirmed the boy was dead after arriving at the scene several minutes later and Forensic examinations showed Artem had died from severe head injuries.

Police have launched a criminal case for murder against Elena, who is to be sent for mental examinations.