Wode Maya’s wife shows fans a sneak peek of their million-dollar home in Ghana [WATCH]

Newly-wedded wife of Ghanaian blogger Wode Maya, Trudy Maya has taken to social media to share with fans the interior of their luxury home in Ghana.

Trudy shared the video with social and users to enlighten her native people about her new status as the wife of the Ghanaian man.

Giving us a tour of her beautiful home, Trudy showed her audience the swimming pool, living room, kitchen, control room, office, and many more that make the house stand out.

Furthermore, during his tour of the home, Wode Maya mentioned that one of the five bedrooms will be used as a studio to accommodate additional content producers.

Wode Maya, a popular YouTuber from Ghana and his longtime girlfriend from Kenya, Gertrude Awino Juma aka Miss Trudy, got married.

The couple, who are both YouTubers and have been dating for almost four years, was married on Saturday, September 10, 2022, in a small ceremony in Trudy’s rural Kenyan home.