Wo maame twɛ! kwasia – Afia Schwar insu!ts MC Yaa Yeboah over claims that she promotes ‘juju creams’

Controversial social media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has clapped back at MC Yaa Yeboah for mentioning her name while addressing issues surrounding TikTok influencer, Hajia Bintu.

Earlier today, media personality MC Yaa Yeboah dropped a video reacting to the brouhaha involving Hajia Bintu. She claimed that Bintu is not the only celebrity or influencer who promotes charm products.

MC Yaa mentioned Afia Schwar and TikTok star Asantewaa as influencers who also run adverts for ‘juju creams’ on their social media platforms.

According to her, all these influencers should also be called out and criticized because they do the same thing. She said Ghanaians should not be hypocrites and stop attacking Hajia Bintu whilst leaving Afia Schwar.

As usual, Afia has reacted and hurled insults at MC Yaa Yeboah. The mother of twins using unprintable words insulted the mother of MC Yaa’s mother.

Afia said there is a clear difference between s*xual enhancement products and Kayamata. She added that all the products she advertised for are approved by Food and Drugs Authority.

Watch the video below;