Wizard, lie to your wives when you cheat – Pastor advises (VIDEO)

Controversial Ghanaian pastor, Prince Elisha Osei, has sparked outrage on social media after a video of him advising men to lie when caught cheating on their wives or girlfriends went viral.

In the video, which was shared on Facebook, Pastor Elisha Osei encouraged men to summon a dumb attitude to the extent that they bring their lovers to their matrimonial home. He also claimed that if a man truly feared his wife, he wouldn’t disrespect her by having other lovers in the first place.

The pastor went on to suggest that lying serves as a sign of respect in such situations, and advised men to do so when caught in the act of infidelity.

The video has since been met with widespread condemnation from social media users, who have accused the pastor of promoting dishonesty and disrespect towards women. Many have also expressed concern about the negative impact such advice could have on relationships and marriages.

It is not the first time that Pastor Elisha Osei has courted controversy with his statements on relationships and marriage. In the past, he has been accused of promoting violence against women and encouraging men to treat their wives as possessions.

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