Witch! – Gospel singer Cwesi Oteng fires Hajia Bintu for selling “juju cream”

In response to the video of Hajia Bintu selling “juju creams”, Cwesi Oteng, a Ghanaian gospel musician, referred to Hajia Bintu as a witch, arguing that anyone who promotes and sells the use of magic is evil. Cwesi Oteng argued that witchcraft isn’t just about flying at night but also involves the use of spells to manipulate people.

He wrote on social media, “What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is the practice of magic, especially for the use of evil (manipulative) purposes; the use of spells. Bewitching or fascinating ‘Attraction’ with charms.”

This follows after few days ago, a controversial TikTok video by Hajia Bintu caused a stir on social media before it was subsequently deleted. The content of the video elicited mixed reactions from netizens, with some expressing their disappointment in the social media influencer.

In the video, Hajia Bintu suggested that there are various medications available that women can use to control men by tightening their private parts. She claimed that these medicines are effective and can help women attract and maintain the men they desire.

Hajia Bintu advised women to use the products carefully to attract and win over the husbands and boyfriends of others. Among the products she mentioned were “Fuck and Stay,” which she advised women to apply around the abdomen to keep men under their control.

Another product was “Attraction to Men,” which, when applied to the forehead, could make women irresistible to rich men who would give them whatever they asked for. She also introduced “Love and Stay” and “Do As I Say,” which are all products women can use to manipulate men and get whatever they need from them.