Wife reveals how her husband used Juju to perform miracles

Wife reveals how her husband used Juju to perform miracles in his church during an interview on vision one FM.

According to the unnamed woman, her husband controls his churches across the country with an evil spirit after being exposed to the dark world by another pastor who informed him simply that his church would not thrive until he used juju.

The anonymous woman supplied a lot more material that reveals the dark side of current pastors who use demonic methods to manage their churches.

She described how they went to the beach late at night, about 2:00 a.m., to make a sacrifice that would later increase their spiritual prowess.

It will be a success if they perform a miracle for a church member, but the individual will return to the church a week later when the miracles fail.

The woman explained that they sometimes go to the cemetery to perform miracles for sick people, but that the illness will return a week later.

She frequently questioned why her husband was acting in this manner, but he insisted that it was all for the sake of making money. She tried to urge her husband to stop, but it fell on death ears.

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