Wife dumps her husband after snatching friend’s husband in Zimbabwe.

A disgruntled Harare woman is demanding US$50k damages from a family friend who allegedly snatched her husband.

The plaintiff, Marvelous Marufu  is suing the defendant Ratidzo Nyamuchengwa for the loss of her spouse, humiliation, pain and suffering.”

Marufu and her husband Albert Mhondoro upgraded their customary law union into a monogamous civil marriage on March 19, 2018, according to a High Court filing.

Mhondoro invited several workmates to the wedding, including Nyamuchengwa, with whom he works at a company that distributes beauty products.

“Defendant (Nyamuchengwa) even purchased a wedding gift for the plaintiff (Marufu). This notwithstanding defendant enticed and alienated plaintiff’s spouse’s affection from plaintiff and harboured him in adulter0us relationship,” Marufu’s lawyers say.

Marufu said she uncovered her husband’s infidelity when she overheard him on the phone with Nyamuchengwa, professing love for her.

“At all material times the defendant was aware of the marital status of plaintiff’s husband and moreover she would visit plaintiff’s home, sometimes in the company of her husband Terrence Mawire, such that they eventually became family friends,”

“In the premises, plaintiff has suffered damages as follows: loss of consortium, comfort, companionship of her spouse in the sum of US$30,000 and contumelia in the sum of US$20,000,” the lawsuit says.