‘Wicked’ wife seeks divorce after k!lling her husband’s manh00d

A Ghanaian woman identified as Yaa Getty has confessed to making her husband impotent. Explaining how it all started, she said her husband was a s3x addict who sleeps with her every night so she consulted a local witch doctor about her husband’s constant demand of s3x after a conversation with her mother.

She consulted the witch doctor with the aim of letting her husband have sex with her only upon her request.

The witch doctor promised to help her and gave her a padlock with a key. The instructions were that, when the padlock is locked, her husband will not experience an erection or even think of sleeping with her. The local doctor added that anytime she wants to sleep with him, she should unlock it.

She tried the charm the first night and it worked perfectly, anytime her husband feels like having s3x with her, he’ll try but will never get an erection.

Fast forward, there was a leakage on their roof whenever it rained so her husband called the roofing company to fix it. On that day, she left for work and ordered their maid to tidy up the room when the roofing company finishes their work. Unfortunately, the maid swept away the padlock (charm) which was hidden under their bed.

Read her full story below;

My name is Yaa Getty. I have been married to my husband for 15 years. He is a good man and he continues to provide all I could ever need and wish for in a marriage. However, I want to divorce him now.

So, it all started three years ago when I consulted a local witch doctor about my husband’s constant demand for sex. My husband can have sex with me every night of the week. I can only get free time at that time of the month.

I was tired of his constant demands for sex and so I had a conversation with my mum, in which she introduced me to this local witch doctor with the aim of letting him only have sex with me only upon my request. The witch doctor then told me it was a simple thing to do, so he gave me a padlock with a key. The instructions were that, when the padlock is locked, my husband will not experience an erection talk less even come to sleep with me. He added that anytime I want to sleep with him, I should then unlock it, and we can have sex.

Fast forward, I tried it the first night, and it worked. Any time my husband feels like having sex with me, he will try and try but he will never get an erection, so out of frustration, he decided not to even start with me again until I make a move. He became so worried, but someway, somehow, I managed to convince him not to worry because it could either be stress or anxiety. So this continued for 6 months until the unexpected happened. There was a leakage on our roof, so anytime it rains, we experience drops on our bed, so my husband asked that the roofing company come in to fix it. We were all leaving for work, so I asked our house help to clean up the room when they were done, and that includes pushing the bed from its position to clean up all the dirt under the bed. I was at work around 3 pm when I remembered that the padlock from the witch doctor was hidden under the bed. I began to call my help but to no avail, so I ran out of the office to go home. To my disappointment, she had cleaned up the room, including the padlock, and that same day, the rubbish collection car had come for our rubbish container.

That was the end of my husband’s manhood. I consulted the Native Doctor to reverse the charm but he said he can only help when he finds the padlock. Later in the month, I met my University boyfriend who had returned to Ghana to settle at a Café shop and started talking. One thing led to another and we started having sex. I have fallen so deeply for my ex-boyfriend and now that my husband’s manhood is not working, I see no point in staying with him because I have also come to love sex now.

I want to seek divorce but I think I need to speak the truth now believing he could listen to this program and go out there to seek spiritual help.

Sisters, what should I do?



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