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“Why are you so jealous of Tracey Boakye?” — Bishop Obinim asks close friend of Tracey

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Bishop Daniel Obinim has been spotted in a video interrogating one pal of actress Tracey Boakye.

In the video that is making waves on the internet, the Prophet was heard telling the lady why she is under such pressure to be like Tracey Boakye.

Bishop Obinim claims that this lady and a few other individuals, all of whom appear to have been Tracey Boakye’s childhood friends, have been repeatedly discussing how she has been able to amass such a large fortune.

On the other hand, the lady disclosed that she does not find herself particularly astonished by the way things are going for Tracey Boakye.

The lady chuckled for a time, but did not provide a response when Bishop Obinim questioned her regarding the reason why she would make such a remark.

Another interesting moment in this video is when Bishop Obinim asks the lady in question if she wants him to speak about certain things that they have said about Tracey Boakye in private to the congregation. He asks her this question at the point in the video where he questions her about certain things that they have said.

As soon as Bishop Obinim posed the question, the lady objected and stated that there was no need for it to be said in public.