We’re unable to ch0p ourselves — Appiatse residents lament

Some people particularly women who were affected by the Appiatse explosion have called on the government to make available more tents to enable them to have intimacy with their partners.

According to them, they have been s³x starved after the unfortunate incident and because of limited shelter kits, they can’t sleep with their husbands.

The victims speaking to the media said their partners have been forced to live far away from them and the lack of s³x is affecting them psychologically.

“Sex is part of marriage so we cannot deny our partners and they cannot deny us either. We plead with the authorities to make available reserve tents to allow couples to have intimacy when the need be.

“We know some people are reported to be doing it in the bushes, particularly at night, but our customs and traditions frown on such social misdeeds with dire consequences,” one of the women said.

Watch the video below;