We’ll not allow our children to go back to Achimota School – Parents of Rastafarian kids

Parents of Rastafarian students who were denied admission to Achimota School for keeping their dreadlocks have said that they will not allow their wards to attend the school.

According to Mr. Nkrabea, one of the fathers, they met with GES on Thursday to bring finality on the issue but it failed. The meeting was geared toward enrolling their kids in another school as they fear discrimination even if the government forces authorities of Achimota School to admit them.

“I would expect to get my children back in school immediately, but I’m not sure about Achimota because of the way everything went down, and I don’t think the children will be comfortable going back there and I won’t be comfortable sending them there unless there is a situation where I know they will be treated fairly and justly, and I just don’t get that from the school. So it is just uncomfortable for us to let our children go there.”

Meanwhile, the father of Tyrone Iras Marchguy has confirmed that some international schools have approached him to offer his son a full scholarship.

“We’ve been approached by an international school who are prepared to give a full scholarship. We are looking to let him go to the international school because from my investigation, their curriculum is higher than what the other schools are doing so by the end of this week I will personally go to the school to go and check on everything and clear everything up with them.”