We’ll Demonstrate Against Akufo-Addo if he ever tries to pay Menzgold customers,Afia Schwar says.

Afia Schwarzenegger aka Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa is Ghanaian media personality.

Afia Schwarzenegger a few days ago was seen telling Menzgold customers to forget about their missing funds as no government would ever pay back the money.

We’ll Demonstrate Against Akufo-Addo-Afia Schwar says

She also cautioned aggrieved Menzgold customers against blaming Akufo Addo and the NPP government for their loss.

According to Afia, the Security and Exchanges Commission and Bank of Ghana had warned the Ghanaian populace from the inception of the investment company that its dealings were fraudulent but customers demonstrated against the commission.

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Explaining the matter she said;

“Don’t ever think Nana Addo is the cause of your lost investments. He is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Like I keep saying, you don’t go to a doctor who has no license for medicine to your illness. You can’t open a company without license and expect government to come engage you to give you license. So I beg, you have lost the money. Because Bank of Ghana warned you that Menzgold is fraudulent and you demonstrated against BoG. So who should come pay you? During the campaign too, I did not hear any leader assuring you of paying your lost investments. We will also demonstrate if government tries to pay you”

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