We use human blood to get more gold -former illegal miner

We use human blood to get more gold

We use human blood to get more gold ,a former illegal miner has said in an interview on on “Ghana Kasa” show on Kasapa 102.5FM/Agoo TV last Tuesday.

The galamseyer told the host that no galamsey site can produce more gold without human blood being used to perform certain rituals.

We use human blood to get more gold

He explained that:

“In the beginning, you may get some of the experienced people to get you the human blood for the sacrifice, but after you see the land producing gold in large quantities you’ll be asked to find the blood yourself. If you don’t sacrifice your child, then it may be a stranger you’ll have to sacrifice, that is how we operate at the various galamsey sites. So if you play jokes at a galamsey site you’ll be killed in no time.

“The galamsey sites need human blood to generate more gold. I can say on authority that at almost all galamsey sites, one will need human blood to ensure more gold is produced. I went to a place, the owner of the concession sacrificed a pregnant woman and used her for rituals to get more gold at his mining concession. This particular site I’m referring to is very small, but the amount of gold found on that land is beyond comprehension.”