We need to protect ourselves-NMC says after Ghanaians called for ban on rituals on TV

We need to protect ourselves

We need to protect ourselves,NMC says after Ghanaians called for a ban on rituals on TV following the killing by the Kasoa teenagers.

According the Police, the suspects – 16 and 18 years respectively – confessed that a spiritualist whom they had discovered through national television agreed to help them become instant billionaires by demanding a human being and a sum of ¢5,000.

This development has triggered anger among a cross-section of Ghanaians about the seeming increase in spiritualists and Mallams on television promising unreasonable get-rich-quick avenues for the unsuspecting youth.

Mr. George Sarpong, the Executive Secretary of the National Media Commission has said on the Citi Breakfast Show has sated that the need for tighter regulation of the media space.

He said.

“The lack of a comprehensive framework for media regulation is leading to these unorthodox actions and society can’t progress along these lines.”

“It is better to be cautious. We need to set the rules. We need to protect ourselves without necessarily undermining the right to free expression,”

He however acknowledged that “there is considerable research on the matter and it [the link between media and violence] has not appeared to be that direct.”