We made Duncan-Williams divorce his 1st wife – Former occultist says

since her divorce, she has started her own church, Doxa Citadel

We made Duncan-Williams divorce his 1st wife, Former occultist said in an interview on Kingdom FM this morning.

The marriage of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Mama Francisca Duncan-Williams, dubbed the “Father of the Charismatic Movement” in Ghana, was once the subject of heated national debate.

A little throw back about the the marriage dates back to the 19990s.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams’ marital troubles began in 2001, but the matter came to light three years later and in 2005.

In the 1970s, Papa, as he is affectionately known, started his ministry, Christian Action Faith Ministries, at the Airport Residential Area.

The marriage failed despite interventions by TD Jake’s and other powerful men of God.

In the interview on Kingdom FM, the former occultist mentioned that it was their agenda to make the man of God frustrated and make him weak spiritually.

He added that ,his spiritual team could not find any possible way of doing that ,so they started manipulating his marriage through his wife.

Their plans were achieved after the wife divorced the man of God.

The former occultist did not tell us how it impacted on the spiritual life of the man of God.

Shortly after her divorce, she started her own church, Doxa Citadel.

Have a look at the video below.