‘We haven’t seen war before, let’s not ignore the signs on the wall’ – Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has spoken about the complacency in protecting Ghana’s peace.

The renowned man of God speaking to his congregants on February 27, 2022 urged politicians and the security agencies to pay attention to the ‘signs on the wall’ and not ‘dare’ or ‘ignore’ them.

“This war in Ukraine and Europe, it just didn’t happen overnight; the signs were on the wall; the signs have been on the wall for some time now, and, if you study history carefully, you’ll see the signs on the wall.

“But, for whatever reason, people become very complacent and people get to a point where they lose the appetite to fight and they are so much into themselves and secure. that they ignore the interests of others.

He cautioned: “That’s why we must wake up for Ghana here – this country, because there are signs on the wall; there are signs. There’s a parable in Twi that, ‘A gale of wind precedes a rainfall’.

“… I pray that we will not ignore the signs. I pray that the church and our political leaders shall not ignore the signs. I pray that we’ll rise to the occasion and we’ll reverse the signs on the wall because things don’t just happen,” he stressed.

“The Bible says: ‘Beware, when they say, ‘peace, peace’, then cometh sudden destruction like a woman in travail. Don’t be fooled. Ghana, we haven’t seen war before. Ask Sierra Leoneans and Liberians. Ask people from Ethiopia and other countries of Africa; they’ll tell you what war is like.

His comments come amid rising conversations about coups in the sub-region and the possibility of the same in Ghana.