The Minority Chief Whip in Parliament, Hon. Muntaka Mubarack has fired back at the National Communications Director of National Democratic Congress(NDC), Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi.

Gyamfi had expressed disappointment in Bagbin and the minority caucus in Parliament for refusing to act in the interest of the NDC.

He said Bagbin and some other NDC members in parliament have ignored the interest of the party and are rather pursuing their personal interests.

Muntaka reacting to Sammy Gyamfi’s claims said “I’m not going to debate the merits or drawbacks of the party interest. If we don’t pay attention, party politics will trump our own ideals, constitution, and national interests.”

Speaking in an interview on Adom FM, he said that the focus of parliamentarians is to do the bidding of their constituents which encompasses members of all the political parties and not just NDC.

He further stated that he took an oath of office which pledged to uphold the country’s constitution, not NDC’s constitution.

“Each member of parliament took an oath to protect the constitution. Any member of parliament’s mandate stretches beyond his or her political party. Every member of parliament has a mandate that is independent of the party’s interests because after the election, you represent everybody in your electorate, not just the party. Since your group is just one leg, all you say is only advice. Keep in mind, the MP, that the buck ends with you.”

“You swore an oath of your own principles and conscience. One of my responsibilities as a Whip is to get everyone to understand the party’s stance and be able to weigh it in, but the ultimate decision rests with each member,” he said.