Our portal earlier reported that the Baby Mama of Funny Face, Ama Vanessa and the nuclear family have finally agreed to reunite with the comic actor.

Ama Vanessa and her children visited Funny Face at Accra Psychiatric Hospital on Monday, February 22, 2021 to reconcile with him. Photos and videos trended on social media as netizens shared on their various platforms to express their happiness for their reunion.

After the visit, Ama Vanessa granted few interviews affirming that she was glad Funny Face after all they have been through now wants to see her and the children.

Vanessa speaking in an interview with Okyeame Quophi on Angel FM disclosed her everlasting love for the comedian and asked for an upgrade from being called a mere baby mama.

She further mentioned that

“I need an upgrade from baby mama to a wife. I have three kids with Funny and I deserve some respect. If he wants me to come back to him, he has to come and do the right thing by marrying me.

His love for his kids is what drove him crazy and that’s why I was happy to bring them to him. Despite everything, I know Funny Face is a good man and he loves and adores his kids.”

Well, a new video sighted by Adepanews.com has Funny Face going down on his knees to beg Vanessa and his mother-in-law for forgiveness when they visited him after all the insults he hurled at them.

Watch the video below;


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